The Magnetic Effect, book cover
The Magnetic Effect
    The science of applying...
        magnetic energy to the living system

by Albert Roy Davis
Walter C. Rawls, Jr

Media: Perfect
Published: December 1975
ISBN: 0-911311-17-3
Pages: 128
Retail Price: $15.00

Magnetic World
Finding the

When using magnetic therapy, it is EXTREMELY important to apply the proper pole to the achieve the desired effect. When we speak of the North Pole, we are talking about the SOUTH SEEKING POLE... this is the pole that will always face south when uspended freely from a string.

Another method of determining poles is through the use of a magnometer. A final note... the needle on a compass will point to the SOUTH Pole of a magnet.

The knowledge of the effects of applying magnetism generated and transmitted from a magnet is not new. It may be older than the ancient art of acupuncture. Records continue to be found showing knowledge of magnetism and acupuncture existing ever earlier in the history of humanity on this earth.

While the study of magnetism promises great discoveries all fields of applied sciences, the most readily apparent applications are in natural health and medicine. The include pain control and the arrest, management and development of immunity to numerous afflictions which plague mankind including many forms of cancer. This book details experiment using the poles of the magnet to influence biological systems. The experiments are reproduceable, the implications are profound.

The more the public can know about magnetism and its effects, the more we can begin to realize the larger untapped potential of this powerful natural energy. This natural science can be used in emergency or wartime conditions medical or professional care is not immediately obtainable. In our research with animals we have found that a basic knowledge in the application of magneticc energy can render significant aid in relieving complaints. No drugs, chemicals or surgery procedures are required with a thorough understanding in applying this science.

In The Magnetic Effect, Davis and Rawls present and discuss biomagnetic experiments and research that have been successfully duplicated by members of the orthodox scientific community. The authors reveal the factual, natural basis of applied biomagnetic energies and add greatly to the understanding of this new and exciting field. The computer-exact and reproducible findings in this work apply to the treatment of such conditions as arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, sexual problems, and aging.

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