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I am energy. I am weightless. I have no mass. I come in two states: potential and kinetic. When I am resting, I am potential, but you can not get any work out of me until I am moving, and that motion is relative. Also, time plays a part. The more time I have, the more work I can do.

When I am moving I am kinetic, and have the ability to be transfered to mass, causing it to move. The fastest form in which I travel is as a free-flying, radiated magnetic sphere. I drive electrons sideways in every conductor I cross. This takes some of my energy.

I am energy. I ride from the Sun through outer space as castoff spherical magnetic units. I travel my fastest through a vacuum, where I have the least interference That speed is 186,000 miles per second. I am compressed while passing through a medium denser than a vacuum. This appears to make me go slower, but I regain my size and speed by expansion when leaving the denser medium. I simply bounce around like a ball until some electrical conductor cuts my magnetic lines of force causing me to move electrons sideways in the conductor. Which way I drive the electrons depends on which way my magnetic lines of force are oriented.

I come in all sizes. 1/100,000 inch for white light, and 1,000 feet in diameter for AM Radio. I have a size for each frequency.

It is easy for me to go into a denser medium like water or glass at a shallow angle to the surface due to compression, and impossible for me to get back out at the same shallow angle from inside a denser medium to a less dense medium due to expansion as I try to enter the less dense medium. This leads to total internal reflection used in fiber optics.

I am energy. I ride through a conducting wire as an electrical field. I use the repulsion of electron to electron as my medium of exchange. My speed is close to the speed of light. I am handed from one electron to the next The electrons themselves do not travel very fast I travel my best when there is no insulation to slow me down,and no heat to drive electrons into vibration which interferes with my progress. As an electrical current, I can do all sorts of things. I can heat filiments white hot for visible light, run electrical motors, operate radios and weld metal. The list of my accomplishments goes on and on.

I am energy. I am weightless. I am sound. I use molecules, which have weight as my medium of exchange. I travel through air, water, iron and other mass by bumping one molecule against the next. As sound I canot travel without molecules. As sound I can not travel through a vacuum, or in outer space, as there are no molecules. I travel much slower as sound than as light because molecules have weight. It is harder for me to get them moving.

Molecules are much heavier than electrons, and especially heavier than weightless magnetic fields. 1,100 feet a second is about my best speed through air. I travel faster through water or iron. I travel from one vibrating diaphragm to the next. You can hear me when I arrive because your ears have a diaphragm called the ear drum.

I am energy. I am weightless. I am momentum. I travel on a pool table by the law of mass in motion. The balls are groups of molecules that transfer energy by bumping. They act like big heavy molecules. It takes a lot of energy to move them. The direction they move is determined by the point of contact of the balls. Everything in the universe is moving. Movement is relative. Mass in motion has momentum.

Momentum is energy, which equals mass times velocity. Radiated magnetic fields, or magnespheres, at the speed of light, are all velocity, and no mass. When I have transfered all of my energy to driving electrons in a transverse direction, I am gone. There is nothing left of the spherical magnetic field I once was. I must have been pure energy.

When I am riding the electrical current, I can be converted back to a magnetic field. The electrons may become motionless, when I am not using them, but as energy, I am never lost. I can change my mode of travel, but I always show up again somewhere. That is called the law of conservation of energy.

When I am traveling as a magnetic field, I can be guided in a metal tube with very little loss, as the tube is large enough to accomodate my one half wavelength diameter size. I can go right out through the walls of a plastic tube. I can pass lengthways through a plastic or glass rod and I am confined inside the rod by total internal reflection. That is the way fiber optic phone lines work.

As an electric current, I can be guided by a metallic wire for long distances. This method of movlng electrical energy is used by power and telephone companies. The electrons cannot leave the wire, so, as electrical energy, I must follow in and around the wire.

When I am sound energy confined in a tube full of molecules like air, I can travel a long distance without getting weaker, as I cannot spread. When I come out of the far end of the tube I spread, and get thinner by the square of the distance. As sound, as well as a magnetic field, I can be focused by a reflecting parabolic dish like your spotlight focuses photons of visible light.

I am energy. I make waves on the surface of water. I lift or expand the water as I pass, and the water falls into a trough behind me. The trough is a reaction to an action activated by gravity. Wind passing over water can generate waves. Energy is transferred from wind to water by surface friction. Earthquake land movement can produce water waves. As energy I travel by bumping one water molecule against the next. I travel like sound, and can travel about half as fast as sound when I am in a tidal wave.

I am energy. I am weightless. I can be stored as a magnetic field around a magnet, or a direct electrical current carrying conductor. There has to be movement through the magnetic field, with a conductor that cuts the magnetic lines of force, to take the energy out. Either the magnetic field, or the conductor has to be moving. Its the relative movement that counts.

As heat energy, I can be stored in a thermos bottle, because the polished mirror walls are too smooth to cut into the magnetic lines of force of my 1/100,000 inch diameter spherical photons of visible light, or any thing larger, like infrared, known as heat. I just keep bouncing around from polished wall to polished wall looking for an escape route.

As potential energy, I can be stored in a battery, in a capacitor, in a compressed spring, a cylinder of compressed gas, mass in motion, rotary motion or electron movement inside the atom, known as heat. The largest storage space for radiated spheres of magnetic energy is outerspace itself. There is so much space out there that radiated magnetic energy can travel in a straight line for a million years without coming across any mass to transfer its energy to.

I doubt that all the suns in the heavens, when they are finally burned out, will raise the temperature of space more than a degree or two. Energy can be taken from space, and converted to an electrical current, simply by cutting the lines of force of those free-flying magnetic spheres with a resonant length conductor antenna. Solar cells and crystal radios use this principle. There is so much space out there that energy is spread very thin, except in the path of a concentrated source like energy from the sun.

I am energy. I can fill a bit of mass to white hot without adding any weight. I drive the electrons in the atom into more determined movement causing atom expansion. I am one portion of the electromagnetic spectrum called infrared, and better known as heat.

An atom like lead, that is full of heavy protons, heavy neutrons and light electrons, has very little space for electron activity. Lead holds only 3% as much treat as the same volume of water at the same temperature. While outer space is the largest space for energy, the least space for energy (heat) is in the neutron, or a group of neutrons, known as a Neutron Star. Each proton has grabbed an electron. A Sun that collapses totally to Neutrons would neutralize all electron repulsion, leave no space for electron movement, caused normally by passing radiated magnetic fields,and yet contain all its gravitational attraction. This must be the description of a neutron star in a black hole in its original orbit, which is dependent on its mass in motion, and gravity. Visible light energy should still bounce off of it like from a tiny moon, but it could not give off light of its own.

I am Larry Spring. Energy and I have been visiting each other for the past many years. Come and let energy show you what it has shown me. Energy is its own best explainer.

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