Larry Spring Magnetic Facts

Things Magnetic Fields Do
(Static Fields and Alternating Fields)

  1. Like poles repel in permanent and electromagnets.

  2. Unlike poles attract in permanent and electromagnets.

  3. Electromagnetic fields develop perpendicularly around an electric current carrying wire.

  4. Electromagnetic fields around a D.C. wire expand as the electric current approaches maximum speed.

  5. Hold steady as the current continues to flow.

  6. Recede or collapse when the conducting path is broken and the electrical current returns to zero.

  7. The field lines of force are perpendicular to the conductor, strongest where current is maximum.

  8. They are always in two polarities one just opposite the other in alternating current.
  9. The direction of the magnetic line up can be determined by Oersted's right hand rule when the direction of the current flow is known.

  10. Electromagnetic fields can be arranged to have their lines of force all in one direction by winding the conductor into a coil.

  11. Magnetic flux prefers to follow an iron path.

  12. Hard steel can be a permanent magnet.

  13. Soft iron loses its magnetic properties quickly.

  14. A magnet can be demagnetized by heat.

  15. A magnet can be made by cooling heated steel in a magnetic field.

  16. It appears that the magnetic line up of the molecules is easier to form when the iron molecules are activated by heat.

  17. Cold steel can be magnetized by passing the steel through a strong magnetic field.

  18. Magnetic fields attract or repel electrons passing through the vacuum of a TV picture tube from cathode to high potential plate or screen. All electron tubes use this principle.

  19. One pole of a magnet or electromagnetic field attracts electrons passing through a vacuum the opposite magnetic pole repels the electrons.

  20. Opposite magnetic fields do not remain around a transmitting resonant rod antenna at the same time, as the field would oppose the reverse electrical current.

  21. The transmitted magnetic field moves electrons, causing electrical current (electrical field) to flow.

  22. Alternating polarity magnetic fields carry the energy that created them through air and space.

  23. The energy is given up in the form of electron movement, or electrical current, to conductors in their path Iy ing in a plane that cuts the magnetic lines of force of the traveling field.

  24. Spring has determined that the traveling magnetic field is in the form of a 1/2 wavelength diameter sphere every other one having its magnetic lines of force around the sphere opposite to the preceding one and 90 degrees to its poles or axis. The second field is simply the inverted form of the first field.

  25. Opposite magnetic fields passing around a conductor at the same time oppose each others electrical current. The current flow is driven by the stronger field minus the energy of the weaker field, If opposite fields of equal strength pass around a conductor they will completely cancel each others electrical current in the conductor (destructive interference).

  26. Like magnetic fields add their energies when passing a conductor at the same instant producing a stronger current in the conductor (constructive interference).

  27. Electrical current is induced only into conductors that cut the magnetic lines of force. Vertical lines of force are produced around a horizontal rod. They in turn induce a current into another horizontal rod. They induce no current into a vertical rod or a longitudinal rod.

  28. Magnetic fields of the frequencies of white light can be divided on passing through a prism into color frequencies.

  29. These color frequencies can be reconverged into white light, This shows a series of close frequencies can have an accumulative effect different than its component parts. Heat rays infrared and ultra violet can be separated from white light by passing through a prism.

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