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2017 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 

Embassy Suites -|- Albuquerque NM -|- July 26-Jul 30! 

Distribute Widely! 

St Patrick Day Special!!!!!! 

48 hr extension on 35% discount... 

Must order by March 18! 


Preregister at  <http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm> http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm 

or call (520) 463-1994 


Magazine at the Printer... Program to be Completed Soon! The long-awaited magazine is now at the printer. This will allow me to focus on completing the program within the next 2-3 weeks. Keep checking website for updates. 


Conference PreRegistration has begun! Hotel room rates are $99 per nite (sgle/dble) . Registration rates for the conference are the same. We will be posting information at 

 <http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm> http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm . 


Currently a number of registration specials… including a short term 35% discount, ‘Teens are Free’, ‘Register 3 Get 1 Free’ and the ‘Companion Discount’ are available! Early registrations saves everyone money and helps us plan better. 


Last Chance for 35% PreRegistration Member Discount! … 

Preregistration for the 2017 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (Jul 26-Jul 30/ Albuquerque, NM) is ongoing. However, in order to receive the 35% discount, members must sign up before  March 15, 2017!!! 

Preregister at  <http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm> http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm 

or call (520) 463-1994 


Special Conference Incentives 

Teens are always FREE and  do not qualify as second or third person on other programs! 

This year, we hope to  have the most attendees ever! We are doing our part by giving everyone a chance to attend at the lowest possible cost with generous discounts on conference rates as well as great hotel rates (nearly 50% compared to standard rates!). This is an excellent chance to encourage your friends to come to an event they may never have attended before. Who knows… it may open new horizons… new business opportunities…  and new friendships! Here are some of our incentive programs… 


Register 3 Attendees…. Get ONE more FREE!!!!  Offer ends March 15, 2017!!! 

Simply PreRegister FOUR people at once to qualify... only 3 Registrations are paid… the fourth goes for FREE! Want to take advantage, but don’t know who will be going with you? Sign up now, and send us the attendee names later! This is in addition to our current discount of 40%! This is a trial program and we do not know if we will continue it in the future. (Teens are FREE and do not qualify… Companion Discount not allowed with Buy 3, get 1 Free offer!) 


Those wishing to save and preregister now, please go to:   <http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm> http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm 


You can also call  (520) 463-1994 or email teslatech at teslatech.info <mailto:teslatech at teslatech.info>  


Companion Special 

Save an additional 5% with our Companion Special. Simply preregister TWO people at once to qualify. It can be yourself and your spouse, family member or a just a friend. Currently, instead of a 35% discount... you will receive a 40% discount! Offer expires March 15!(Teens are FREE and  do not qualify as second person) 


Those wishing to save and preregister now, please go to:    

  <http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm> http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm 

You can also call  (520) 463-1994 or email teslatech at teslatech.info <mailto:teslatech at teslatech.info>  


With 24 great presentations from leaders in the cutting edge of technology, this would be a great conference in its own right. However, this year  The Ninth Conference on Future Energy  will be hosting a conference beside the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, giving TeslaTech Members the opportunity to attend two conferences for the price of one.  There is no way that anyone should walk away from Albuquerque fully saturated with information on the latest technical developments on the extreme cutting edge of science and energy research. 


Bring the family as well! It is a great time to share your ideas with those you love... who knows, you may be opening a door into their lives you never knew existed! Even if the Conference is not their cup of tea, Albuquerque itself is an interesting place to visit. Old Town is just down the street from the conference and gives you the flavor of the Old West. There's the famous tramway up Sandia Mountain, and other attractions nearby. You can stay a few extra days and make Albuquerque your hub to explore New Mexico. It's a great opportunity to expand your personal horizons... just beware of aliens if you travel to Roswell! 


Hotel Registration Code : TTI 

Hotel registration has also begun. Limited Time and space!!! Please register immediately! This year's conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Spa & Resort near downtown Albuquerque. 

Embassy Suites - Albuquerque 
1000 Woodward Place NE 
Albuquerque, NM 87109 
(505) 245-7100 

Use Code: TTI 

The hotel registration information is located at:   <http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm> http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm 

If you have ANY problems with registration including no rooms available.... 

call Steve Elswick at (520) 252-0374 IMMEDIATELY! 


ExtraOrdinarily LOW Hotel Rates!... The conference site is at the Embassy Suites Spa & Resort.... with room rates at an eye-popping $99 per night which includes a two-room suite,  breakfast and internet! This combined with the extremely discounted registration fee makes this the most affordable alternative energy conference I've ever attended. Act today! 


This year was a great conference and this one promises to be even better!! 


We are also seeking sponsors and vendors at this time. 

If you are interested in being a sponsor or vendor, 

please contact Steve at (520) 463-1994 or  <mailto:steve at teslatech.info> steve at teslatech.info 


Thank you for your support! Every time you purchase an item from us, you help us grow. We appreciate your support and never take it for granted. This year your support is particularly important as we are trying to develop an online membership site and update our current site.   If you are in a position to help sponsor some of our activities, please consider it and contact me at (520) 252-0374… or perhaps buy some extra DVDs!!! 


Steve Elswick --  <mailto:steve at teslatech.info> steve at teslatech.info 

Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology 

(520) 252-0374 --  <http://www.teslatech.info/> http://www.teslatech.info 


Coming to the 2017 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 
In Albuquerque New Mexico… July 26-30??? 

2016 Conference DVDs are available here: 
 <http://www.linkedin.com/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Eteslatech%2Einfo%2Fttstore%2Fconftapes%2Fteslatech%2Fetcframe%2Ehtm&urlhash=V8bg&_t=mbox_mebc> http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/etcframe.htm 


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Tesla Tech LCC 850 Fairview Drive Henderson, Nevada 890015 United States (520) 463-1994 



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