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Legendary free energy/alternative medicine researcher, 

Jerry Decker, has passed away on June 14, 2017. Jerry has been active in the
free energy world for as long as I can remember. He created KeelyNet, first
as a bulletin board, later as a website to disseminate as much information
as possible. 


I was fortunate enough to have attended his 2000 Conference in Dallas TX.
Jerry was a lot of fun to be around, but he  didn't mince words when it came
to technology. Those who had their facts together could generally hold their
own... others may have had their feelings hurt. 


Our condolences are extended to the Jerry's friends and family in their time
of grief. I too have lost many my closest friends in the past three years,
and while the sharpness of pain eventually diminishes with time, they are
never far from my thoughts. 


More importantly, each friend's passing is a reminder that we don't know
what tomorrow will bring and it is best not to put off things we really want
to do... for there may not be a tomorrow. I do know that I share Jerry's
interest reversing aging with the hope that I can extend my life and share
my secrets with our members once I figure it out! 


Rest in peace JerryDecker.... You will be remembered here! 



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