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2017 Conference DVDs Available! 

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Final 2017 Extraordinary Technology Speaker List  

Attendees claim that the 2017 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference was the best ever! While there were a few changes, the basic list remained relatively intact. 

 <http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/2016etclp.html> http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/ etcframe.htm 


ET1701 - George Wiseman - Brown’s Gas (HHO) Health Applications 
ET1702 - Suchinta Abhayaratna, ThD - Creative Holistic Integration Torus Mandala Visualization 
ET1703 -  Aeron Goldheart - Tesla Subtle Energies for Living Systems 
ET1704 - Byington Sims - The Medicine of the Future: The Galvanic Bath 
ET1705 - Thad Mauney, PhD - Open Systems Thermodynamics and Free-Energy Devices 
ET1706 - Bill Alek  - The Physics of FREE Energy / Overunity Transformers 
ET1707 - Russel Anderson - Beamships, the Biefeld Brown Effect, and Warp Drive 
ET1708 - Michael Leas -  “Exploring the Force” for Unlimited Power 
ET1709 - Jere Rivera-Dugenio, PhD - Scalar Vortex Energy and Plasma Gas Therapy 
ET1710 - Glen Rein PhD - Informative Medicine: EM Information Transfer between Biomolecules 
ET1711 - Sandra Rose Michael DNM -  Energy Enhancement System Bio-Active Scalar Generator 
ET1712 - Moray King - Harvesting Plasmoid Energy 
ET1713 - David vonOhlerking - HHO Technology for Backyard Mechanics 
ET1714 - Bob Boyce - Battery Smacker, Scalar Fields, and Nikola Tesla 
ET1715 - Dr. Carolyn McMakin - Extraordinary Resonance Effects in Clinical Practice 
ET1716 - Cameron Rebigsol - How “Classical” Physics Can Endorse Quasar Behaviors 
ET1717 - Mike Twichell - Aether Matters! 
ET1718 - Rhetta Jacobson - Harnessing Vortexian Mechanics 
ET1719 - Vendors - Vendor Showcase 
ET1720 - Dannel Roberts - Visible Light and Plasma 
ET1721 - David Pantone - The ExtraOrdinary GEET Fuel Processor 
ET1722 - John Rahart -  ORMUS/ORMES/ M-STATE... Same Stuff... Different Names 
ET1723 - Allen Adkins - The Cosmology of Walter Russell 
ET1724 - Darren Colomb - Walter Russell’s New Science Of Tomorrow 
ET1725 - Suzanne Price - Tesla’s Technology Secrets and Human Quantum Potential 
ET1726 - David Garroway  - Tensor Coil Workshop 


Order Your DVDs at… 

 <http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/2016etclp.html> http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/ etcframe.htm 



Final 2017 COFE8 Speaker List  

Attendees claim that the 2017 COFE Conference was the best ever! While there were a few changes, the basic list remained relatively intact. 

6  <http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/2016etclp.html> http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/ etcframe.htm 

CF1701 -  Adian Shaffer:  Living Off the Grid  
CF1702 - Glen Robertson :  Acceleration Mech for Propellantless Space Drive 
CF1703 - James Purvis : Electromagnetic Angular Accelertion Propulsion 
CF1704 - Dr. Thorsten Ludwig: Harvesting ZPE, Pract Experiments & Proposals 
CF1705 - Robert DeBiase: Asymmetric Forces on Casimir Plates 
CF1706 - Dan Grebenisan: BioChip for Hi-Freq Stimulation of Meridians 
CF1707 - Don Reed: Proof of Principle of Scalar Electrodynamics 
CF1708 - Mike Gamble: CMG Propulsion Device Project 
CF1709 - Russ Anderson: Magnetic Converters and AntiGravity 
CF1710 - William Alek: Developing Practical Warp Drive Engine Tech 
CF1711 - Dr Nimala Khandan: Harvesting Net Energy from Urban Wastewater 
CF1712 - Dr Glen Rein: Electrical Properties of DNA and Subtle Energy Sensitivity 
CF1713 - Dr Carolyn McMakin: Resonance Effects w/Microcurrents Demo 
CF1714 - Bob Boyce : Battery Smacker, Water Smacker & Spy Ware (JS)  

Order Your DVDs at… 

 <http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/2016etclp.html> http://www.teslatech.info/ttstore/conftapes/teslatech/e tcframe.htm 


  Steve Elswick --  <mailto:steve at teslatech.info> steve at teslatech.info 

Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology 

(520) 252-0374 --  <http://www.teslatech.info/> http://www.teslatech.info 


Coming to the 2018 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 
In Albuquerque New Mexico… Aug 8-12??? 


2017 Conference DVDs are available here: 
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