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2016 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference - July 27-31

Embassy Suites -- Albuquerque, NM 

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Here are a few more speakers and abstracts. Throughout the next month we
will be sending out more abstracts as the speakers are selected. This is a
unique conference in that it is unified conference with two conferences
under one roof. COFE8 produced by Integrity Research and the ExtraOrdinary
Technology Conference produced by TeslaTech.  Attendees are able to attend
any of the sessions from either conference. In effect, you get two
conferences for the price of one. As we select speakers, we will be posting
them and changes on the program schedule.


Linda Moulton Howell - Laminated Metal Specimen with Potential for

This presentation reviews the findings of unusual laminated metal pieces
which have a mysterious origin. The metal layers consist of exceptionally
pure bismuth and magnesium-zinc alloy. They have been analyzed by a testing
lab and interesting characteristics have turned up such as a strong
diamagnetism.* Several scientists and physicists have also investigated the
functionality of the metal specimen and some of their theories will also be
included in this slideshow. Dr. Paul LaViolette, who wrote about the same
metal specimen, finds that in certain wavelengths monocrystalline bismuth
exhibits a negative index of refraction which is normally only found in
metamaterials. This has been related to a strong repulsive force or thrust
when excited by electromagnetic radiation, which may be another form of


Tyler LeBaron  - HYDROGEN...    A Therapeutic Medical Gas

Molecular hydrogen (H2 gas) appears to be a biological signaling molecule
similar to nitric oxide (NO*), carbon monoxide (CO), and hydrogen sulfide
(H2S) with marked therapeutic potential.  Over 600 scientific articles have
been published since the 2007-pioneering work on hydrogen gas that confirmed
hydrogen's therapeutic effect in Nature Medicine. These articles show
molecular hydrogen to be therapeutic in every organ of the human body and in
170 different human disease models. The safety of hydrogen gas in humans has
been studied immensely since its widespread use in deep sea diving to
prevent decompression sickness back in 1941.

This medical gas has marked therapeutic potential in the field of disease
prevention, anti-aging and longevity. H2 can easily diffuse through the cell
membranes and intercellular compartments not only because it is the smallest
molecule in the universe, but it is also electrically neutral and
hydrophobic. H2 selectively scavenges cytotoxic hydroxyl radicals (*OH)
without eliminating beneficial signaling molecules (eg H2O2, NO*, O2-, etc).
It stimulates the Nrf2 pathway leading to increased endogenous antioxidants
(glutathione, superoxide dismutase, etc). The cell modulating property of H2
affords it anti-inflammatory, anti-allergy, anti-apoptotic, and anti-aging

There are many methods to administer H2; including inhalation, injection,
ingestion, and tablets. The high safety profile, ease of use, and remarkable
therapeutic efficacy of H2 therapy, make its use paramount for anyone in the
field of anti-aging medicine.


Brian David Anderson - Tri-Vortex Technology Stem Cell Stimulator

Most health challenges or suppressed athletic performances have multiple
contributing factors based throughout the body. The objective of Tri-Vortex
Technology is to address these multiple challenges with natural subtle
energy and computer controlled electromagnetic based modalities that have no
contraindications or negative side effects.

The areas targeted by the Omni-Approach are the teeth, gums, lungs, thymus,
bone marrow, stomach, digestive system, liver, skin, and any specific body
part or system that is experiencing stress or health challenges as well as
areas desirous of improved athletic performance.

Natural subtle energy health therapies to cleanse the body of low-grade
infections by targeting human cannabinoid 2 (CB2) receptors with liquid
purification and hemp CBD oil applications are combined with computerized
electromagnetic pulses to generate, "turn-on", and guide stem cells to areas
of the body in need of rejuvenation and healing.

The cutting edge of human health is pplying grounded and organized
electromagnetic fields to any parts of the body that are in a "dis-ease"
state or under stress. It is also highly beneficial to apply these
electromagnetic fields to all substances consumed by individuals. The system
and protocols including proper water hydration can enhance and support
traditional stem cell therapies and applications.


Jere Rivera-Dugenio, PhD  - Quantum Sound Therapy for Anti-Aging

A revolutionary voice-activated scalar energy and quantum sound technology
provides a tool for anti-aging. Just as no two fingerprints are alike, the
same is true for the morphogenetic identification revealed in the human
voice. Each voice contains a unique combination of frequencies making the
human voice even more individualized than the human fingerprint. The secret
is hidden within the morphogenetic fields of the five harmonic octaves of
your voice. 

Based upon 45 years of applying the same principles of Tesla, this  device
records a 10second voice sample (voice code) that unlocks the keys to an
individual's stress, subconscious fears and traumas, all contributors to the
aging process. This code is measured by an algorithm that measures 1.5 GB of
information to detect these stressors from the frequency patterns of your

Once this code is unlocked, a 27-min quantum sound therapy audio track is
created to transmit the correct information to your body thereby
harmonizing, balancing and retraining the brain. Recorded case studies show
improvement including balanced emotions, reduced stress/fear, accelerated
emotional trauma healing, as well as neutralization of electrosmog,
geopathic stress and other negative environmental factors. Inclusion of this
technology in anti-aging protocols may lead to advancements in reversing the
aging process.   


Michael Petrovich - 21st Century Infrared Healing

Across the electromagnetic spectrum various frequencies have been shown to
be beneficial to the human body.  In particular, frequencies in the infrared
spectrum are particularly noteworthy. The human body readily emits and
receives infrared... one reason these waves have shown themselves to be so
therapeutic. While infrared was discovered in the early 19th century,
exciting new healing applications of infrared have occurred in the 21st

Typical therapeutic uses of infrared include pain management, cardiovascular
and immune support, emotional ease, and detoxification. Recent research
using infrared in the treatment of Alzheimer's and cancer are showing
promising results. Specific infrared frequencies have been used effectively
for certain aliments.  Patterns of infrared have also shown promising
results, and what is even more interesting is using infrared as a carrier
wave to transmit healing information into the body.  

Our immune system operates as a function of body temperature.  Increased
body temperature increases the immune response. The low-body-temperature
syndrome has created chronic low immune responses.  Infrared by its nature
heats the body, and thus can be used as an effective countermeasure.

Numerous products have entered the market to take advantage of the
therapeutic quality of infrared in recent years. These include LED devices,
lamps, mats, saunas, heaters, clothing, blankets, laser-type devices, and
many others.  This presentation will cover the science of infrared, how it
interacts with the human body, and infrared technologies to move us to a
higher state of health and vitality.


Len Murray - Magneto, Atomic Structure, and the Path to Free Energy

Magneto is a cymatics (waves) device incorporating high speed rotors and
cymatics. Each rotor is modeled after the atomic energetic structure, the
etheric predecessor to the crystal structure. Based on specific ratios and
combinations of size, shape and speed, these rotors one-by-one reveal a
visual rendering, via cymatics, of every element. 

Magneto utilizes a series of neodymium magnets to levitate a 22" diameter
pyrolytic carbon cymatic plate. Rotors spinning in excess of 125,000 rpm
produce subtle vibrations, transferring these vibrations to the frictionless
levitating plate. 

Following the Magneto demonstration will be a brief discussion on our new
periodic table and atomic structure. The new periodic table, called the Ajax
McIntosh Model, and our new representation of the atomic structure, are
based on nested sets of platonic solids. Twelve(12) electron shells, now
known as resonance chambers, comprise this model. Platonic solids, atomic
induction, resonance, vortex tubes, white vortex - the antithesis of a black
hole - will be discussed. 

The culmination of this understanding of atomic resonance and motion brings
us to an explanation of continual motion device called M3. Three nested
spheres - Iron/Copper alloy induction at the inner heart, Carbon capacitance
in the center, and Silicon semi-conductor as the outer work in unison to
provide over-unity energy.      


More abstracts will be coming soon!!!

PreRegister  at  http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm  or call
(520) 463-1994


Here are a few previously announced speakers and abstracts. Throughout the
next month we will be sending out more abstracts as the speakers are
selected. This is a unique conference in that it is unified conference with
two conferences under one roof. COFE8 produced by Integrity Research and the
ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference produced by TeslaTech. Attendees are
able to attend any of the sessions from either conference. In effect, you
get two conferences for the price of one. As we select speakers, we will be
posting them and changes on the program schedule.


McKane B. Lee - Stanley Meyer's Hydrogen Fracturing Process

Stanley A. Meyer was a famous HHO inventor of the late 90's. He set out in
the early 1970's, to find the solution to America's energy problems. He
decided to do it using water as the primary fuel. He ran his tests on his VW
Dune Buggy 1600cc Sand Rail. Stan Meyer was able to successfully receive his
patents on the working WFC Kit. He mysteriously died in 1998, which put an
end to his technology. 

Our team has successfully re-created the Stan Meyer's WFC Injector. 

By using Stan Meyer's patented "Hydrogen Fracturing Process" we can use the
WFC Injector as a retrofit system for cars, trucks, jet engine and
ultimately rocket engines. The high voltage pulse frequency within the
resonant cavity (wave guide) of the WFC Injector allows us now to tap into
the "Thermal Explosive Energy (gtnt)" of water. The high electrical voltages
allow the hydrogen atom to be primed as an energy generator by way of
electrical force. This process is obtained by using the VIC (Voltage
Intensifier Circuit). In this presentation, we discuss the engineering
design perimeters of the WFC Injector and how these designs aid in the
release the full power of the hydrogen molecule. Additionally, we will
discuss the WFC Kit architecture and processes.


Moray King- Nanobubbles, Nanocavities and Water Electrolyzers

Nanobubbles may be the critical component in manifesting huge energy
production from water electrolyzers. Researchers discovered that
conditioning electrolyzer plates by growing a rough surface of electrolyte
precipitate creates a high gas yield... better are graphene coated
electrodes. The surface manifests nanocavities to guide formation of
nanobubbles during electrolysis. Bubbles ~100 nm are surprisingly stable.
These water cluster structures in Brown's gas yield a huge energy output
when ignited into a plasma because they convert to microscopic ball

Shoulders' research showed that microscopic ball lightning coheres ZPE and
named the entities exotic vacuum objects. They manifest excessive
acceleration and force from a "warp-drive" interaction with vacuum energy.
Water mist containing abundant nanobubbles when sprayed into an internal
combustion engine convert to microscopic ball lightning. Here they propel
the piston with anomalously excessive force. Even nanobubbles with just air
can convert to ball lightning and drive the piston, making water appear to
be "a fuel."

Discussed projects include Meyer's water injector plug, Japanese oxygen
nanobubble water discoveries, Anzai Kantetsu's carbon ceramic nozzle, and
Alexander Putney's biocharcoal nozzle. The nozzles provide a cost effective
means for researchers to self-run a genset strictly from air nanobubbles to
ball lightning conversion. Avoiding electrolysis hydrogen production, this
becomes the definitive experiment to prove the ZPE is the actual energy


Dr. Kiril Chukanov - Ball Lightning Quantum Free Energy Generation

Dr. Chukanov will discuss harnessing quantum free energy from artificially
created ball lightning in very dense media (compressed air or liquid).  Ball
lightning nucleus, a two-dimensional) quantum object, possesses unusual
quantum properties. Some of them are: 

1) ball lightning is giant macro-quantum atom, 

2) ball lightning nucleus has constant quantum temperature, 

3) ball lightning nucleus is a 'black hole' (very different from the model
of 'black' hole accepted by conventional science); there is no space and
material substance beneath its 2-D surface.

These three quantum features of ball lightning can be used as sources of
free energy or other practical applications. In his Bulgarian generator he
produced ball lightning objects with an output of kinetic energy ~3 times
greater than input electrical energy. The output free energy has nothing to
do with imaginary ZPE. All input electrical energy is transferred to the
media where ball lightning is created. There is no way to transform
electrical energy into kinetic energy without electromagnetic field (ie in
electric motors). In this heatless method, very little heat is transferred
to the media. Three times overunity not enough for practical applications. 

In his Tianjin lab, he built several experimental QFE generators using two
quantum features of ball lightning to achieve tremendous results which he
will report at the conference!


Russel Anderson - Free Energy Magnetic Systems and STI Prototyping Updates

A Tachyon concept of superluminal particles was confirmed by Professor
Gerald Feinberg of Columbia University in 1967. This and similar discoveries
such as the Silvertooth-Sagnac interferometry experiment to detect Ether
prompted re-examination of  the Maxwell equations and probable invalidation
of Special Relativity.  Overunity devices such as Searl's and Brown's
SEG/STG working devices established the reality of the Tachyon-Sea (Dirac
Sea) as the probable source of their extra output energy. The Tachyon Sea,
synonymous with Gravitational flux (Ether) in space, explains the concept of
Quantum-Entanglement/Action-at-a-Distance, the existence of which is
acknowledged, but the causative mechanism is just starting to be understood
as the action of Micro-wormholes.

Paul Brown, PhD built a device in 1986 based on the research and working
devices of Professor Searl's technology that cohered enormous energy-density
in the form of usable electricity, to the extent that he was forced to
"short" the device to ground in his effort to abort a "runaway" condition.
This resulted in a fire, but he measured almost 1MW of power prior to
shut-down. Our research at STI for our Spin-Tronic Generator is based on
principles derived from these and our more recent experiments, including
certain digital improvements that were not available then.

Patents are pending for this revolutionary device, and we have units we are
willing to demonstrate for the LIVE audience that DO NOT need batteries!


Norman L. Wootan - Engineering the Vortex Energy System

The Vortex Power System, a futuristic modular-based power generating system,
features a Vortex reactor/boiler, a Syngas reactor/boiler, and two Tesla MG
sets. Norm's 40+ years of independent research was brought to bear in
developing the system. As Norm delves into the Vortex Energy System design,
he will address a number of related issues such as:

. Implosion Vortex Reactor w/Victor Schauberger Technology

. What happened to the Super Steam Technology

. A better understanding of Tesla Turbine Technology

. CO2 sequestration via Bio Photo Algae Production

. Disposition of the Golka/ Leadville Tesla Coil Project.

. Discussion: Aetheric Energy, Elemental Replication, Heat and Neutral Spike

. Disposition of the MRA (Magnetic Resonance Amplifier)

Norm will be sharing research on "Holy Water" recombining HHO, Mill's Double
Nickle Cold Fusion Cell, Stirling Heat Motors, Tesla's Uni-directional pulse
and action at a distance! With over 100 tons of projects at his private
facility, he was able to get real answers.


Dr Thorsten Ludwig Kozyrev's Experiments with Torsion, Time Waves and Energy

Prof. Nikolai Kozyrev, a Russian astrophysics, discovered a new type of
energy source. He was convinced that the sun derives its energy much
different from standard theory. The remarkable theory is called causal
mechanics. Based on these thoughts Kozyrev predicted volcanic activity on
the moon and found experimental evidence years later. 

Components of casual mechanics are 3 different speeds, c1, c2 and c3. The
standard speed of light is c1, the speed of time patterns c2 is much slower
than c1. Pure information velocity c3 is much faster than c1, almost or
perhaps instantaneous. Kozyrev was able to experimentally detect the true
position of the sun, 8 min ahead of its apparent position, and the true
position of stars, proving his instant force. Researching Kozyrev energy for
over 10 years, Dr. Ludwig has met numerous distinguished Russian researchers
With the information on Kozyrev's historic devices, torsion balances,
resistor detectors and piezo resonators were built. Kozyrev's important
theory, the experiments done over the years by Dr. Ludwig with time waves,
sun and star positions and their effects on different detectors and systems
will be revealed. If we understand Kozyrev's concept of the energy of the
sun we can make relevant energy progress here on earth.

There will be an update on the 109% efficiency Kromrey device and further
experiments done on it, as well as the single electron experiment.


Richard Blankenship - Introduction to Tetryonics

Without a rigid foundation of Geometry, mathematicians are basically writing
their own sentences and the human interpretation of the math has not always
been accurate. As a result strange abstract concepts of black holes,
multiple-dimensions, the collapse of the wave function under observation,
and Heisenberg's uncertainty principle are necessary to justify calculated

It is possible to model all components of a system under measurement... but
only after we can make the proper distinction between mass and Matter. This
is something no other theory to date can provide. In addition to
revolutionizing our understanding of Quantum geometries and interactions,
Tetryonic Theory facilitates the development of a whole new field of
Physical math based on equilateral triangles in lieu of the spherical
geometries historically employed.

Tetryonic Theory in short allows us to see and model the hidden geometry
underpinning the mechanics of nature, a Hubble telescope for the quantum
universe. While mathematics is the language of science it remains a language
that lacks a well-defined physical model on which to test it and further its
numerous and varied solutions to quantum mechanics. This lack of any rigid,
enforceable geometry [grammar] allowed the flourishing of numerous
statistical and probabilistic solutions to physical problems in turn
impending scientific advancement of quantum processes.


Erin M Nelson - IWR DRMS: Next Generation Artificial Intelligence

Right now anyone can scan or upload images into a computer, the end result
is an exact copy in image form, just like making a photocopy on a copier.
Your system can not tell what information is displayed, who the author was,
what the topic of the content is etc, minimal ability to filter, crop or
copy the information exists but that is it. 

IWR DRMS (Intelligent Word Recognition Data Redirection Management Systems)
can. Artificially intelligent, not only can it read, but also to understand
the data it has read. It accurately translates into digital format each
aspect of this data, where it is searchable and populates the data into the
language used by the device calling for it.

IWR DRMS has the following functions as part of its core: 

. Cognizant Recognition and Understanding of (so far) 72 languages 

. Handwriting Recognition

. The ability to translate and display data

. Convert handwriting into digital text

. Recognition of image data, such as tables, elements, algorithms, etc. 

. Data conversion into digital counterparts

. Self Creation of Databases

. Recognize Label and Replicate according to Author, User, Keynotes, Topic
and Content by established protocols

. Direct Data into one or more locations, systems platforms as indicated by
the user 

. Adapt to User Specific Terminologies

It understand the context of data presented, learns from it, adapts, and
informs users when information indicate a mistake has been made. Ongoing
evolution, increases its capacity!


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If you are remotely interested in speaking or even just submitting an
article for our magazine, contact Steve immediately at (520) 252-0374 or
steve at teslatech.info 

Know somebody you would like to hear? Let them know about the conference and
drop us a line! No promises.. but we will check it out! 


We are also seeking advertisers, sponsors and vendors at this time. If you
are interested in being a sponsor or vendor, please contact Steve at (520)
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