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2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 

CALL FOR PAPER  Selection Ongoing

July 29-August2 --|-- Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa --|-- Albuquerque, NM


Here are a few presentations for the Upcoming Conference!

SAVE 35%!  PreRegister Today!

http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm or call (520) 463-1994


George Wiseman - Brown's Gas (practical and fabulous uses)

Presentation will outline many ways that BG (HHO) can be used in everyday
life plus how BG could solve some of the world's major issues.  Update on BG
powered pistonless Water Pump (plus working model) included. A more
extensive abstract will be available later.


Dr Thorsten Ludwig  - Overunity test on a Kromrey Generator, Zero Point
Energy and Magnetism

Raymond Kromrey, a French inventor worked on a theory that magnetism and
gravitation have the same origin. This theory led him to a new electro
motive principle that he put into practice in this magnetic generator.
Kromrey also called the machine molecular generator. Kromrey filed a patent
on Jan 9th 1964 and received the patent on March 19th 1968. The US patent
number is 3,374,376. The Kromrey generator is an electric generator. The
generator converts magnetic force into electric energy. Two segments of a
rotor are moved through a magnetic field generated by a stator, either by
permanent-magnetic or electromagnetic means.


This 1 kW Kromrey generator was given to the German space power association
by a group from Geneva. The generator was tested under different rotation
frequencies and magnetic field strengths. The energy input and out put was
measured using state of the art current and differential voltage probes
together with Tektronix 3034 oscilloscope. Momentary voltage and current
values were multiplied and integrated over time. The test results and the
measurement method will be presented.


Dr Ludwig will also present how zero point energy sustains magnetism and how
quantum fluctuations are part of the fundamental foundations of permanent
magnets. The aim is to understand the principle of magnetic motor and
generators better in order to raise the efficiency to overunity. 



Edward Kondrot, MD... - Saving your Eyesight with FSM Treatments!

The roots of Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) date back to the early
1900's from Dr. Albert Abrams, who was the first physician to use calibrated
instruments capable of detecting the radiations of living tissue. Dr. Abrams
concluded that all matter radiates electromagnetic energy and the
characteristics of the radiation depends upon the unique molecular
structure. Modern FSM utilizes hundreds of frequencies with varying


Every tissue in the body has an individualized frequency... and each
pathology has a frequency (ie hemorrhage freq is 18). A technique called FSM
produces dramatic improvements in treatment outcomes of macular
degeneration. It is "frequency specific" because the frequencies of the
tissue and that of the pathology are "matched". For example, hemorrhage in
the macula the FSM treatment would use 18 Hz and 137 Hz (macula frequency).
The coupled frequencies match the exact abnormalities present in the damaged
tissue. The goal is to neutralize frequencies in disharmony.   Instead of
using basic generic frequencies which have a low level affect on the
diseased eye tissue we now can use frequencies specific to the retinal
tissue and the pathology.  


Current is delivered by electro-conductive pads, acupuncture probes or by
using sliver meshed gloves that are wrapped in a damp washcloth. The gloves
are the preferred delivery system since this  has demonstrated to deliver a
consistent microcurrent energy into the eye.



David Puchta - The Linear Magneto Effect

A study of bouncing electromagnetic forces off of a crystalline structure
and measuring the response energy revealed an anomaly referred to as the
Linear Magneto Effect. Amplification of the anomaly has resulted in a solid
foundation of understanding of a new energy platform that washes the
anomalies found from Cold fusion to Stan Meyers into the history books.
Extensive validated lab time, has been devoted to studying the effects and
using this new form of energy I designate as  Linear Paul Magnatizum...
using the spelling change in 'magnetic' to denote gravitational wave. 


Today Linear Paul Magnatizum is used in the HydroMe Truefuelcell and BlewMe
Fuel Organically Grown From Saltwater to grow a high lipid oil algae on
demand and or change the frequency chain to grow elements isolated from each
other. These are effects of cold fusion and pulse electrolysis already. What
I have done is turn on the off time all the time. Hardware will be at the



Max Miller - Stan Meyer Unveiled! Convert Water to Fuel  

Stan Meyer ran his buggy on water in the 1990s. Using a number of unique
circuits and machinery, he was able make hydrogen from water with no
electrolyte. He held over 50 patents, world wide. Most of these patents
dealt with hydrogen from water and running a standard car engine on that
hydrogen, made on demand. A controversial figure, Stan died a sudden,
bizarre death on March 20, 1998. However, others are carrying forward Stan's
visionary work today.


Stan Meyer made hydrogen and oxygen from plain tap water, using a unipolar
pulse train applied to a transformer and bifillar wound inductor. The pulse
train is from a signal generator from 0 to 10khz, square wave with a gate.
The gate is basically another signal imposed over the first, that shuts the
first off for a set amount of time. Stan's gas processor and EPG, were
utilized on his water car and are being reproduced at this time.


In this groundbreaking presentation, the basic electronics and how
electrical resonance of the inductor and the cell will inhibit the amps and
let voltage raise will be thoroughly discussed. As time allows, a number of
additional  key points will be discussed. Hardware will be available
throughout  the show  for closer examination and discussion.

Attendees will also be introduced to my forum which is dedicated to
instructing the public about Stan Meyer and how to replicate Stan's work
with his circuits and models.



Nikolaos Simos, PhD - A Classical Approach to Tesla's Wireless Energy

Classical Physics Assessment of Tesla's  WorldWide Wireless Energy System

This presentation is based on what we understand as classical, mainstream
physics. Its aim is to steer clear from convoluted concepts which, after
have hurt rather than helped Nikola Tesla's scientific contributions and
reputation. On the basis of the fundamental laws that describe (or as best
as we think we understand them) electromagnetic, resonance and other
physical phenomena, this presentation examines Tesla's WorldWide Wireless
Energy System and attempts to qualify questions such as:

.           Are certain far-reaching Tesla's assertions/experimental
observations contained within the fundamental laws or do they violate them?

.           Is there an explanation of the observations, based on classical
physics, and how our scrutiny of the "accepted" governing laws may have
helped reveal hidden connections to Tesla's claims?

.           Are we finally connecting the dots between Tesla's thoughts and
the great potential they may carry so as to benefit society as a whole?


More speakers will be announced at a later date!!!!! Get your abstracts




Call for Papers - 2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Abstract Deadline: Speaker Selection Ongoing

Speaker selection has started for the 2015 Extraordinary Technology
Conference (July 29-Aug 2 ... Albuquerque, NM).)

Next year's conference will be held at the Embassy Suites near downtown
Albuqerque. We are seeking presentations on research and devices in the
fields of:

Tesla Technology -- Magnetic Motors -- Zero-Point Energy

Energy Saving Devices -- Cosmic/Radiant Energy-- Brown's Gas/HHO

Low Temperature Plasma/GEET -- ElectroGravitation -- ElectroMedicine

.      Health Supplements --- Magnetic Healing --- Extreme physics --

*      and other extraordinary topics.

Presentations are selected on the basis of an ~250 word abstract. Abstracts
should be clear, brief descriptions of investigations and conclusions.
There will be a maximum of 16 sponsored speakers. Working devices always
have priority. Papers must be original and unpublished as of the conference

A speaker kit with guidelines will be sent out upon selection of the
speakers. Speakers selected are required to sign the appropriate copyright
forms, complete the conference arrangement forms and submit a short bio with

This is an excellent opportunity for speakers to meet others who share your
interests, and attract funding. In addition to speaking, speakers are also
encouraged to submit articles for potential publication in our membership

If you are remotely interested in speaking or even just submitting an
article for our magazine, contact Steve Elswick immediately at (520)
252-0374 or  <mailto:steve at teslatech.info> steve at teslatech.info .

Deadline: Speaker Selection Ongoing


Call for Sponsors - 2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Planning for the 2015 Extraordinary Technology Conference (July 29-Aug 2 ...
Albuquerque, NM) is underway. While the venue has been selected, we are
seeking sponsors to assist us in promoting the conference, enhancing some
conference functions, and offsetting numerous conference related expenses.
This is an excellent opportunity for sponsors to support those who are
diligently working to expand the science of tomorrow .. today!


If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, Steve Elswick immediately at
(520) 252-0374 or  <mailto:steve at teslatech.info> steve at teslatech.info .

Serious inquiries only...  please!







2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference -|- Embassy Suites -|- Albuquerque
New Mexico -|- July 29-Aug 2! Conference PreRegistration has begun! Hotel
room rates are $94 per nite (sgle/dble) . Registration rates for the
conference are the same. We will be posting information at
http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm . Currently a number of
registration specials. including a short term 35% discount, 'Teens are
Free', 'Register 3 Get 1 Free' and the 'Companion Discount' are available!
See the segment below for details. 


CALL FOR PAPERS  We have issued a Call for Papers for the 2015 ExtraOrdinary
Technology Conference. Inventors and researchers with groundbreaking,
cutting edge technology should participate. Deadline for papers is December
31. However, we encourage early submission and will be announcing a partial
tentative list soon. Details are in located later in this post. 


Magazine has been mailed! ExtraOrdinary Technology Report has been  mailed.
Table of Contents at http://www.teslatech.info/ttmagest/TOCESTFRAME.htm


New magazine materials due now! We are  compiling the second issue of
ExtraOrdinary Science & Technology.      Advertisers need to get their ads
in now  for the next issue.  Deadline for articles in the Apr/May/Jun issue
has been extended to  January 31, 2015.


Magazine mailed... to current members! Contact Steve Elswick at (520)
463-1994 or steve at teslatech.info  to check your status!


Transition to Las Vegas Underway! We are in the midst of a corporate
restructuring that includes a move to Las Vegas. While there have been some
complications along the way, many of these have been cleared up in the past
month.  New beginnings always open up new opportunities. In the near future,
we hope to announce a joint endeavor with a local tech school to upgrade our
web presence. Volunteers that wish to help us with this transition should
contact us at (520) 252-0374


Catalog undergoing revision.. A long overdue review of our catalog is taking
place. Once we have made alterations to our printed catalog, we will then
update the web pages. If you are aware of a book or DVD we should make
available please contact Steve Elswick immediately at (520) 252-0374 or
steve at teslatech.info .


The Seventh Conference on Future Energy will be held concurrently  with
ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference.  Dr Valone intends to invite Harold
'Sonny' White (NASA warp drive researcher) and Dr. Carol McMakin (frequency
specific electrotherapy) as plenary speakers, as well as Mike Gamble (Boeing
inertial propulsion). As the event progresses, we will be providing a link
to their conference page. 




Special Conference Incentives

SAVE 35%!  PreRegister Today!

July 29-August2 --|-- Embassy Suites Hotel & Spa --|-- Albuquerque, NM


Preregistration for the 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (Jul 29-Aug
2/ Albuquerque, NM) is ongoing. However, in order to receive the 35%
discount, members must sign up before January 31, 2015!!! Preregister at

http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm or call (520) 463-1994


Special Conference Incentives

This year, we hope to  have the most attendees ever! We are doing our part
by giving everyone a chance to attend at the lowest possible cost with
generous discounts on conference rates as well as great hotel rates (nearly
50% compared to standard rates!). This is an excellent chance to encourage
your friends to come to an event they may never have attended before. Who
knows. it may open new horizons. new business opportunities.  and new
friendships! Here are some of our incentive programs.


Register 3 Attendees.. Get ONE more FREE!!!!  Offer ends January 31, 2015!!!

Simply PreRegister FOUR people at once to qualify... only 3 Registrations
are paid. the fourth goes for FREE! Want to take advantage, but don't know
who will be going with you? Sign up now, and send us the attendee names
later! This is in addition to our current discount of 35%! This is a trial
program and we do not know if we will continue it in the future. (Teens are
FREE and do not qualify. Companion Discount not allowed with Buy 3, get 1
Free offer!)


Those wishing to save and preregister now, please go to:


You can also call  (520) 463-1994 or email teslatech at teslatech.info
<mailto:teslatech at teslatech.info> 

Teens are always FREE and  do not qualify as second or third person on other


Companion Special

Save an additional 5% with our Companion Special. Simply preregister TWO
people at once to qualify. It can be yourself and your spouse, family member
or a just a friend. Currently, instead of a 35% discount... you will receive
a 30% discount! (Teens are FREE and  do not qualify as second person)


Those wishing to save and preregister now, please go to:

You can also call  (520) 463-1994 or email teslatech at teslatech.info
<mailto:teslatech at teslatech.info>  


With 24 great presentations from leaders in the cutting edge of technology,
this would be a great conference in its own right. However, this year  The
Seventh Conference on Future Energy  will be hosting a conference beside the
ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference, giving TeslaTech Members the
opportunity to attend two conferences for the price of one! The exhibit
areas are merged, so everyone should walk away from Albuquerque fully
saturated with information on the latest technical developments on the
extreme cutting edge of science and energy research. 


Bring the family as well! It is a great time to share your ideas with those
you love... who knows, you may be opening a door into their lives you never
knew existed! Even if the Conference is not their cup of tea, Albuquerque
itself is an interesting place to visit. Old Town is just down the street
from the conference and gives you the flavor of the Old West. There's the
famous tramway up Sandia Mountain, and other attractions nearby. You can
stay a few extra days and make Albuquerque your hub to explore New Mexico.
It's a great opportunity to expand your personal horizons... just beware of
aliens if you travel to Roswell! 


This year's conference will be held at the Embassy Suites Spa & Resort near
downtown Albuqerque. 

Hotel registration has also begun. The hotel registration information is
located at:  http://www.teslatech.info/ttevents/prgframe.htm 


ExtraOrdinarily LOW Hotel Rates!... The conference site is at the Embassy
Suites Spa & Resort.... with room rates at an eye-popping $94 per night
which includes a two-room suite,  breakfast and internet! This combined with
the extremely discounted registration fee makes this the most affordable
alternative energy conference I've ever attended. Act today! 


This year was a great conference and this one promises to be even better!! 




Help support the Science of Tomorrow!

The 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference was a stunning success with 27
outstanding presentations by leading researchers from around the world.
Newly discovered phenomenon such as the cross beam fission as well as
advancements in HHO generation made their debut at this year's conference.
Our conference is recognized as a credible source of information for the
latest cutting edge research and the DVDs generated are a great resource for
researchers. While conventional mainstream thought comprises the Science of
Today. the ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference embraces the Science of


This is a prime time to order the set as a late Christmas gift for someone
who is 'into' Tesla Technology and other aspects of alternative research.
especially if they did not make it to the conference. Preregistration for
2015 has just started, so you can get a jump on next year checking out this
year's presentations. and delve further into the past for DVD sets from
other conferences. even the Global Sciences Conferences!



ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference DVD

Order 2 or more Conference DVDs ... get $5 off each

Discount for Members Only. No other discounts apply! 


To order... CALL   (520) 463-1994 
      or got to order form/list  located at ...




Be sure to write FLASH in orderform comments! 


This is a great chance to stock up on the DVDs on your favorite speaker any
of the conferences!  

This sale is being reconstituted as we are mailing a flyer this opportunity
with our next  issue of the magazine 

to give members that do not have internet access an opportunity to
participate in this super sale!


Please feel free to widely redistribute this information! -- Steve



Final 2014 Extraordinary Technology Speaker List  

Attendees claim that the 2014 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference was the
best ever! While there were a few changes, the basic list remained
relatively intact. 



ET1401 - Sterling Allan: "Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature"

ET1402 - Rozanne Bazinet PhD: "Keep Your Brain Strong In This Toxic World"

ET1403 - Beverly Rubik, PhD: "Beyond Memory of Water/Scientific Discoveries"

ET1404 - Charles Crosby MD(H):   "Scalar Tech for Pain Relief/Regrow

ET1405 - Harry Jabs: "Elect Universe, Tesla's Energy, & Galactic Model"

ET1406 - Thorsten Ludwig: "Zero Point Energy... Driving Power of Magnets"

ET1407 - William Alek: "Revealing Secrets of FREE Energy/Overunity Tech"

ET1408 - Dannel Roberts: "Crossfire Fission?"

ET1409 - John Fiala: "Plasma Induction Energy Production..."

ET1410 - Russell Anderson: "Searl Anti-Gravity... Electromagnetic

ET1411 - Dannel Roberts: "Gravity Shielding Using the Key Ring Atom"

ET1412 - Vernon Roth: "Basics of  Plasma Technology"

ET1413 - Thad Mauney: "Thermo for Experimenter: Measure Hi-Efficiency
Device. "

ET1414 - Paul Pantone: "GEET: The Evolution of  Plasma Physics"

ET1415 - Russ Gries: "Investigating 21st Century Tech thru Experimentation"

ET1416 - Dale Pond: "The Nature and Dynamics of Vibration"

ET1417 - Ralph Suddath: "Vibration, Energy, and Water"

ET1418 - Will Spencer: "Frequency Analysis.... Pathway to Health"

ET1419 - Expo Vendors: "Vendor Showcase"

ET1420 - Moray B King: "Plasma Based Energy Research"

ET1421 - Rainer Huck: "Understanding Energy Anomalies with the Reciprocal

ET1422 - George Wiseman: "Advanced Brown's Gas Tech;  Build Generator

ET1423 - Michael Twichell: "Aether Gravity"

ET1424 - Suzanne Price: "Ancient Technology: Rediscovering Zero Point

ET1425 - John Milewski: "The Nature of Zero Point Energy..."

ET1426 - Vernon Roth: "Advanced Plasma Technology Workshop (2-DVD)"

ET1427 - John Fiala: "Fiala Coil Workshop"

Order Your DVDs at.





2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 

July 29 - August 2, 2015

Embassy Suites Hotel, Albuquerque, NM

Call for Papers Issued!



Steve Elswick --  <mailto:steve at teslatech.info> steve at teslatech.info

Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology

(520) 252-0374 --  <http://www.teslatech.info/> http://www.teslatech.info


Coming to the 2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 
In Albuquerque New Mexico. July 29-Aug 2???


2014 Conference DVDs are available here:




Steve Elswick --  <mailto:steve at teslatech.info> steve at teslatech.info

Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology 

(520) 252-0374 --  <http://www.teslatech.info/> http://www.teslatech.info


Coming to the 2015 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 
In Albuquerque New Mexico. July 29-Aug 2???


2014 Conference DVDs are available here:


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