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Wed Jan 11 13:55:03 PST 2012

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2012 Conference PreRegistration Special! 

Save 35% by preregistering before Jan 31... 

Preregistration for the 2012 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference (Jul 26- 29
/ Albuquerque, NM) is ongoing. However, in order to receive the 35%
discount, members must sign up before Jan 31, 2012!!! 

To PreRegister ... 
3f523b25122a6f12> click here

or call 520-463-1994 

Our current tentative list of speaker/topics include: 

*	Joshua Parker - Decrypting Rife's Disease Fighting Technology 
*	Norman Shealy - Tesla Nanotechnology Rejuvenation Of Telomeres 
*	Kenneth Taylor - Bio-Resonance According to Paul Schmidt 
*	Moray King - Cavitating Electrolyzers: The Key to "Over Unity" 
*	Dr. Konstantin Meyl - TESLATEC or DESERTEC? 
*	Dan Davidson - On the Detection of Longitudinal/Scalar Waves 
*	Lucian M. Ionescu - Tesla waves, Biofields and Aetheric energy 
*	Bruce Perreault - Radiant Energy Technology 
*	Chuck Reithmeyer - Practical Rodin Coil Generator Application 
*	Marko Rodin - The Dandelion Puff Principle on Steroids 
*	Harvey Fiala - Inertial Propulsion Breakthrough 
*	Suzanne Price - Qualar Physics: Wave of the Future 
*	Sterling Allan - Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies 
.... and there will be more added soon! 

Bring the family as well! It is a great time to share your ideas with those
you love... who knows, you may be opening a door into their lives you never
knew existed! Even if the Conference is not their cup of tea, Albuquerque
itself is an interesting place to visit. Old Town is just down the street
from the conference and gives you the flavor of the Old West. There's the
famous tramway up Sandia Mountain, and other attractions nearby. You can
stay a few extra days and make Albuquerque your hub to explore New Mexico.
It's a great opportunity to expand your personal horizons... just beware of
aliens if you travel to Roswell! 

Save an additional 5% during the month of January with our Companion
Special. Simply preregister TWO people at once to qualify. It can be
yourself and your spouse, family member or a just a friend. Instead of a 35%
discount... you will receive a 40% discount! 

To PreRegister ... 
3f523b25122a6f12> click here

or call 520-463-1994 


This Registration Special ends on January 31st!!! 

If you no longer wish to receive our emails, click the link below:

Tesla Tech Inc 296 E. Donna Dr. Queen Valley, Arizona 85118 United States
(520) 463-1904 



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