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The final program has been posted, printed, and prepped for snail mail! To
get a pdf version go to:




or go to www.tes;tech.info and click on the 'program' image!


More 2011 Conference information at...




EMAIL SPECIAL: Preregister by March 31, 2011 and get a bonus 5% off!  That's
right. instead of 25%, get 30% off by preregistering extra early!... and
bring a friend to get an additional 5% (which means a whopping 35%
discount!).  This discount is only being offered via email. so act today!


Conference speakers. 

Michael Leas - Nikola Tesla:  The Once Forgotten Genius

Warren Starnes - Photon Genius Revolution

David Schmidt - Aeon: Radical New Approach To Anti-Aging 

Dr. Robyn Benson - Magnetic Resonance Stimulation

Paul Pantone - Low Temp Plasma... Basis of GEET Tech

John Rohner - Understanding Plasmic Transition Process TM

Clayton Nolte -  Make Your Own Structured Water

Leah Davis - Holodynamics: The Science of Consciousness

Dale Pond - Mind Force: the Hidden Scalar Potential

Thorsten Ludwig - Coler Magnetic Current Apparatus and ZPE

James Schmidt - The Bedini Motor and a Future with Aetheric Science

Vendor Showcase - The 'Hot' Stuff in the expo area

Bruce Perreault - Radiant Energy Technology 

Reginald Miller - Dielectric Mass Motor

Marko Rodin - Update of the Rodin Solution 

Dr John V. Milewski -  Growing Gold/Microwave Extraction of Precious Metals

David Garroway - Implosion Vortex Dynamics

David Talbott - The Cosmic Thunderbolt


ExtraOrdinary Entertainment.

In the evenings there will be Karaoke, dancing, and the beautiful voice of
Leah Davis!  (who knows? I might join in so bring your earplugs!) Let us
know if there are any special requests for songs so we can try to have it
available. It will be a great time to relax, get to know the inventors
better, and meet new people! 


Easily Accesible! Albuquerque is a major transportation center! With
interstates from all four directions, an interstate bus terminal, AmTrak,
and an international airport, it is easy (and relatively inexpensive) to get
there from anywhere!  Register today!!!!


Hotel Rates! The Marriott Pyramid in Albuquerque has made rooms available
for ~$79! These extremely favorable rates include breakfast AND  free
internet in your rooms! This alone makes it the most affordable conference I
have been to this year!  Register today!!!!


Bring the whole family! Everyone is sure to have a great time! Albuquerque
is a very entertaining and educational place. Come to the conference, have a
great time. and then linger and capture the flavor of a town where the old
Southwest has merged with the dynamic 21st Century!  Register today!!!!


More 2011 Conference information at...




Steve Elswick -- steve at teslatech.info

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520-463-1904 - http://www.teslatech.info <http://www.teslatech.info/> 


Coming to the 2011 ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference 

In Albuquerque New Mexico.  July 28-July 31???


2011 Conference information at...



2010 Conference DVDs are available here:



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