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Mon Nov 27 16:51:44 PST 2006

SALT LAKE CITY, UT!  Based on the magazine ExtraOrdinary Technology, this
conference features the latest information alternative energy and medicine.
The speaker selection process has begun with the "Call for Papers" issued in
the magazine. For those early bird members who trust our judgment in getting
good speakers, a whopping 35% discount is being offered if they preregister
by Dec 31, 2006! 


PRE-REGISTRATION INFORMATION: Early preregistration has started  with 35%
discount to members who preregister before Dec 31, 2006! Preregistration is
currently by phone (520-463-1994), however preregistration forms have been
sent out by snail mail. Web registration should be enable within the next
two weeks.


CALL FOR PAPERS: Researchers  and inventors interested in presenting a
paper, exhibiting products,  or otherwise supporting this conference should
contact Steve Elswick at (520) 463-1904 immediately.  Subsidized speaking
slots are limited with priority going  to those who have WORKING HARDWARE!
Suggested topics include Tesla technology, Tesla Coils, high energy physics,
scalar technology,  alternative energy, fuel saving products, alternative
medicine,  new health products, extreme physics, and other  extraordinary
technologies!  In 2006, we had a GREAT conference... and 2007 will be even


CONFERENCE DVD SALE CONTINUES! Our end of the year Conference DVD Sale
continues with a $5 discount on each DVD when 2 or more are purchased! To
save even more buy a conference set and get $50 off!  For SUPER SAVE R
Special, buy all seven (7) conferences for $1500!!! Sale ends December 31.


Steve Elswick -- steve at teslatech.info

Publisher/Editor - ExtraOrdinary Technology

520-463-1994 - http://www.teslatech.info




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